stellingcoverIn her book, Storytelling: How to Write an Inspiring Memoir, Oral History, or Family Genealogy, Kristin covers the features she has incorporated in the past 20-plus years for her clients, who include Oscar recipients and a Kennedy Center Honoree.

Kristin shows how she gathers stories from her celebrity clients and researches their history for custom-bound heirloom books, with clear guides on how to capture stories for memoirs about yourself, someone else in your family or your ancestors.

This book is meant to make writing a memoir fun and fairly easy and something anyone can do.

Topics covered: 

Deciding what your memoir will be. Procedures for conducting oral history interviews. Crafting spellbinding anecdotes making them come alive. Important tips on how to best preserve photographs and other family memorabilia and proper conservation and archiving practices. Genealogy research tips and the most readable presentations for your genealogy results. Publishing and printing options.

I have looked at various commercial books with contents similar to yours over the years. . . I believe yours is the best that is out there in terms of providing clear directions and solid encouragement.

Tim Morrison
President and Writing Coach
Write Choice Services, Inc.

“I just finished it. I loved it . . . easy read yet full of valuable information. This book could easily be retitled Storytelling For Dummies!! You did a great job.”

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