The Delaplane Scholarship

Stanton Hill Delaplane“The Delaplane Endowed Fellowship” has been established for the journalism school at University of California at Berkeley in honor and memory of Stanton Delaplane, Kristin’s father.

Kristin's estate will be adding to the endowed fellowship.

Click HERE for the university’s official announcement.

Stanton Delaplane

From Wikipedia: Stanton Hill (“Stan”) Delaplane (12 October 1907 – 18 April 1988) was a travel writer, credited with introducing Irish coffee to the United States. Called “last of the old irreplaceables” by fellow-columnist Herb Caen, he worked for the San Francisco Chronicle for 53 years, for which he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

Stanton Delaplane, Irish Coffee, Buena Vista Café.

Stanton Delaplane, seated at right (in bow tie), perfecting Irish Coffee with friends at the Buena Vista Café.

In Kristin’s Words

My father named me with the idea in mind that it was a good byline. He said certain letters were strong and “K” was one of the strongest. My father wrote a daily column. Half his column was a travel column, so he was out of the country about six months a year. Half his column was about family life. To become even more the apple of his eye, I unconsciously learned early on how to be good copy. And How She Grew was published in 1961.

And How She Grew: front cover
And How She Grew: drawing
And How She Grew: back cover

A Stanton Delaplane Gallery

  • at home in sausalito.

  • at home, 1947.

  • stanton (seated), in the army, new guinea.

  • in san francisco.

  • working at my father's san francisco chronicle desk.

  • introducing irish coffee to san francisco.

  • preparing to go up, up and away...headed off to paris.