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Creating a Lasting Legacy

We live in an exciting time in the history of books, with so many people self-publishing and telling their stories.

As a biographer and ghostwriter, I conduct video interviews for those who wish to publish a book or for people who want to save their family stories and histories. I craft narrative accounts from these interviews, adding research to enhance the storyline.

I'll be honored to help you get your story told.

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Memoir: Creating a Legacy

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Sparking Memories:
Candles & Bare Feet

From Kristin:

"A single photo can be so evocative and has the power to surface our memories. For example: 

"Of all my childhood photos, this is my favorite. Notice the table setting, with candles. This was our Sausalito digs. My mother was always about proper behavior, proper dinner parties, etc. Her friend came up from L.A. with her two kids. They look like Stepford children in this photo. I had just given myself a haircut. Note the bare feet.

"I was everything not proper in this photo. When I look at it, I think, 'Oh, Mother, it’s going to be a rocky road.' And, indeed it was. I never fit in her mold. Even at the end, after we had worked out our mother-daughter issues, she would still sometimes scold me for being too loud and not wearing the right thing."

My backyard garden.

At the dining table, Sausalito.

Kristin Delaplane in 2015

About Kristin

A history of me: my origins, the directions of my career, passions and aspirations. Plus: a healthy dose of Delaplane Trivia.

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See how my portfolio of work honors and reflects my enthusiasm for capturing people’s stories.

Kristin Delaplane Archives

The Archives

A selection of my writing, which includes the San Francisco Chronicle years, a collection of essays, and some of my certificates.

My backyard garden.

Kristin's garden in Tucson, 2019.

The universe is made of stories, not atoms. Muriel Rukeyser
The Promise

You know how so many people talk about recording their grandparents and parents to capture the family stories?

Often these realizations come up during the holidays when the family gathers and the stories pour forth. Yet few people take action, much to their regret.

Or perhaps you have reached “seniorhood,” that time when we realize we have a story and are the holders of the family history?

Don’t make the mistake of not being proactive. Take that step today to honor the stories and save the family history.

What about that box in a closet full of family papers and photographs that you have been meaning to go through, but it feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin? Yet, when talking about what you would take from the house if there was fire, isn’t it that box?

Now is the time to preserve those special mementos.

Have you tried to put together your genealogy, but find it tedious? Have you attempted to write your family history but get lost with all the dates and census records and feel that the story lacks excitement? 

The Commitment

For more than 25 years, I have been committed to helping people capture and preserve memoirs and family stories.

I go way beyond in my efforts on your behalf. This includes preserving history and personal remembrances that provide unique accounts about events and places and have great historic value.

Don’t procrastinate a day longer. Contact meThe opportunity is now.

The Delaplane Scholarship

“The Delaplane Endowed Fellowship” has been established for the journalism school at University of California at Berkeley in honor and memory of my father, Stanton Delaplane.


In her book, Kristin brings over twenty years of experience to show how to capture stories for memoirs about yourself, someone else in your family, or your ancestors.


Kristin partners with Duffy Jennings, her former San Francisco Chronicle colleague, on memoirs, ghostwriting, and family histories.


Kristin’s many publications include “as-told-to” biographies and family histories, many of which she’s donated to historical societies.